In this new age of Pinterest, Blogs, and content galore, it is easy to see why DIY projects are becoming increasingly popular at such a rapid rate. The internet has streamlined the ability for home owners and design enthusiasts to share and receive information. With so many tutorials, creative ideas, and DIY recommendations on the internet, why exactly does hiring an interior designer matter now more than ever? 

The DIY Age

The DIY Age is upon us. Tutorials abound, and information is endless. As the economy experienced some significant tightening several years ago, buying a home and fixing it up oneself became an increasingly popular and necessary notion. With so many households cutting back on expenses, many existing businesses and entrepreneurial types realized the amount of money available in creating content and posting that content online. Considering all of the information out there — step by step tutorials including millions of “How To” — it can be easy to think to oneself, “I don’t need any help with my home,” and forego the use of a professional. So what are some of the many practical reasons to hire an interior designer?

1. Depending upon the project, an interior designer may be able to save you money and avoid costly mistakes. Like all professionals, a trained designer learns her/his trade through years of proper education and plenty of experience in the field, just like an attorney or  a doctor. When you consider a project and plan on performing the involved  tasks by yourself, it can involve lots of human error, and may end up costing you more to fix when all is said and done. An interior designer can help you discern when it is okay to do something yourself, and when a project is best left to a professional.

2. An interior designer can provide you with an overarching plan from which to work. You may not have the funds required to complete an entire plan overnight. However, your designer will provide direction and focus to your house. Your interior designer is a professional who can bring a complete look together for you — even if the components are things that you might “do yourself.” Your designer will also have access to resources and items that are only accessible to a trade professional, so you can achieve a look that will simply not be available from a big box store.

3. Your home is an investment. You may think that you can re-do your flooring or install light fixtures or put together a cohesive living room. However, your home is an investment — it isn’t something that you can return (like a pair of shoes) or give to Goodwill when you are tired of it (like that sweater you wore twice). As an investment, it is important to think in the long-term when you put money into your home. Rather than getting instant gratification with an inexpensive, common item, save for pieces that will matter to your children and even your grandchildren. Create a legacy, and put money into your home that you have the ability to get back.

As you consider your home, think long and hard about the importance of hiring a professional to provide vision, direction, and a cohesive design for your home’s interiors.

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