We are pleased to announce the addition of a new member of the Decorating Den interior design team. Here in lovely Naples, Florida, we are so excited to welcome Sarah Naples (yes, that is her real last name) to our interior design firm!

Growing up in Naples, Sarah has always enjoyed the best of what the Southwest Florida area has to offer, including spending afternoons at the beautiful white sand beaches, shopping in and around town, and spending time with close friends and family. Throughout her life, she has also cultivated an eye for design. In her current Old Florida residence (a stilt home built in the 1960s), Sarah enjoys finding unique, antique-type pieces and placing them in just the right spot to garner the optimum level of attention. Her home is a place of peace and rest with a defined style, and she hopes to help our clients find the same level of peace and rest in their own homes as they exhibit their own style and personality.

Sarah has spent her career supporting web marketing efforts, writing website content, providing assistance in a variety of capacities, supporting organizational efforts, and planning and executing events within various organizations. We are pleased to have her join our team, and so excited for the level of experience and professionalism she brings to Decorating Den. Her bright smile, poise, positive attitude, and hard working nature is contagious! We are already having a lovely time together in the office after only several weeks.

As we introduce all of our clients to Sarah, we are confident you will love working with her as well. She will be guiding our client ordering efforts, helping with organizational tasks within the office, and assisting in client meetings, among many other things. We look forward to introducing you personally to Sarah Naples. Please join us in extending her a warm welcome!

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