As we have mentioned many times over the course of the past few months, personalization in the world of interior design continues to trend upwards. Today, we plan to discuss another type of personalized design: Monograms. Monogramming and personalizing items continues to be a popular method of distinguishing our identities. Monogramming exists beyond traditional wedding towels and napkins — monogramming continues to show its popularity in the world of business and business casual fashion, stamps, brands, and prints, marketing (logos, branding, etc.), and many other areas of life. How is monogramming becoming more and more popular in the are of home fashions?

Monogramming and Home Decor

Monogramming has been incorporated into custom towels and bathroom items for decades. Monogrammed towels have been perhaps among the most popular and traditional wedding gifts. In what other ways are monogrammed items becoming important in interior design?

1. Customized art. Printed, monogrammed art incorporates the initials of family members or spouses. Custom silhouettes continue to be a popular way to display members of your family within a traditional setting.

2. Accent pieces. Monogramming is available for accent pillows, lampshades, and silver platters. These types of pieces become heirlooms and unique expressions of your own identity. They are individual, work within the context of your home, and represent functional items for use on a daily basis.

3. Home linens. Almost any high quality, elegant home linen is able to be monogrammed, including napkins, table cloths, bed sheets, pillowcases, etc. In short, every room of your house can have a personalized, monogrammed piece.

4. Dishes. Many dishes, glasses, mugs, platters, and serving dishes may be monogrammed to reflect your family’s identity.

As you seek to personalize your home and add small details which reflect your identity, consider selecting monogrammed pieces for use within your home. For more information on home decor items which may be personalized using monograms, give us a call! We would love to help you incorporate this trend into your home – and don’t forget that they can make fabulous gifts, too!

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