Do you enjoy keeping up to date with current trends and incorporating these trends into your home environment? Keeping updated on trends certainly takes some work (reading, scouring the internet, spending lots of time on Pinterest). We are pleased to bring you another edition of Decorating Den’s “Trendspotter,” in which we alert you to burgeoning interior design trends. Geometric prints have influenced many new interior design products, furniture, and features available for homes.

Geometric Prints

What, exactly, defines geometric prints?

1. Straight, cohesive, prints evocative of figures one might see in a high school math textbook. Many straight lines, circular objects, and other geometric-type shapes coalesce in these types of interiors.

2. Bold colors (often) or blacks, whites, and grays. Lots of bold colors and interesting, unexpected color combinations are popping up in geometric interiors, though some feature only blacks, whites, and grays.

3. Balanced, congruent shapes with permutations possible (think modern art). Many geometrics have repeating patterns; others draw upon modern art and feature seemingly random shapes and lines.

How to Incorporate the Trend Into Your Home

These geometric prints making their way into interiors draw upon the world of fashion. Geometric prints continue to be featured on the runway, straight from the world’s top fashion design houses. How are these types of prints being incorporated into interiors? Here are just a few ways we would suggest incorporating this trend into your own home:

1. A flat weave rug. (Yes — we featured flat weave rugs earlier this month in another edition of “Trendspotter.) Flat weave rugs are a great way to feature geometric prints in your home without making TOO big of a commitment. Cost-effective and available in a variety of sizes, flat weave geometric rugs are available in a range of prices and colors.

2. Master bedroom bedding. Utilize bold geometric prints to create an oasis within the master bedroom of your home. Many geometrics are available in duvet covers, accent pillows, etc. making incorporating this trend in your bedroom feasible.

3. A side chair. A custom size chair in a geometric print can create a focal point for any room. Select bold colors that mesh with your existing furniture.

We would love to tell you more about the ways in which you can incorporate geometric prints within your own home. Give us a call!

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