Made in the USA

December 2, 2012About Us, What's new in Home Fashion?

Many of the things I saw at the Fall Furniture Market at High Point, North Carolina, last month intrigued me. I loved getting to know our vendors better, connecting with other interior designers, and getting lots of ideas for the ways in which I can continue to pursue excellence in interior design. I am so … Read More

Task Furniture

November 27, 2012About Us

When you consider the amount of time you spend working on your home computer, what comes to mind? Do you look forward to spending time in your home office? Or do you begrudgingly saunter down to complete tasks? Does your chair give you aches and pains, or are you comfortable in it for hours on … Read More

Personalizing Furniture: A Theme at High Point Market

November 26, 2012About Us

Themes in Interior Design As we continue to pursue excellence in the area of interior design, we would like to share with you some of the themes we saw at the Fall Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina. We attended this amazing interior design show last month. Here are a few of the themes … Read More

Take It One Room at a Time

October 1, 2012About Us, Design Tips

Buying a new (or used, dated) home is overwhelming in and of itself. Getting to that closing date takes a lot of work, energy, and (dare I say?) a few tears. After purchasing the home or condominium, though, you will begin to realize that your work has just begun. Decorating a home to your taste … Read More