Outdoor Wicker Furniture

School’s out, our seasonal residents are back up North, and the hot, humid, lazy days of summer are back here in Naples! But summer also means rainy season for us. And although we still love to be outside, the sun and humidity bring a few challenges to our lanai’s.

Faded cushions? Moldy spots? Sagging straps? Maybe need a little help with privacy with outdoor draperies since the neighbor cut his hedge?

Today’s outdoor furnishings are available in an unprecedented variety of classic, timeless designs as well as the newest cutting-edge trends often seen in the fashion industry. There is a vast array of durable, high quality outdoor products that stand up to our subtropical climate and make the potential of your outdoor living space virtually unlimited!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Wrought Aluminum/Resin Wicker

Resin wicker furnishings bring a classic summer elegance to the tropical outdoors. The highest quality alloy frames are intricately woven with weather-proof wicker in many styles and finishes. Timeless classics and new-for-2011 designs can stand up to the climate and make those summer moments memorable.

Outdoor Fabrics

The latest solution dyed acrylic fabrics are extremely fade resistant, durable enough to stand up to bleach, but soft to the touch. The huge variety of available fabric designs permit continuity of the color story from the inside of the home to the outdoor space.
Manufactured under the highest standards, and tested for abrasion and ultra violet resistance, the fabrics will remain colorfast for many years.

Cast Aluminum/Cast Iron

The finest alloys are subject to the highest testing standards, assuring ultra-violet resistance for many years. Beginning with precise drawings, one of a kind wooden blanks are skillfully built, then the molded pieces are created and cured, and finished with a ceramic powder coating with hand applied details. Stunning!

Stone and Faux Stone

The one-of-a-kind beauty of natural stone and faux stone is always a great choice for outdoor spaces. The sizes, shapes and designs available are virtually unlimited, and will give your home a unique elegance that will provide you and your guests countless hours of outdoor living enjoyment.

So don’t let the summer keep you inside! Embrace our tropical heat and enjoy!

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