Creating a unique and functional environment within your home can be an overwhelming task. As we continue to partner with clients and support their goals and objects, one task that can be difficult is selecting the right upholstery pieces. Selecting the right couch also includes selecting the cushion filling and couch fabric as well. These decisions impact the end look and feel of your couch; they will impact how you use the couch and your own level of enjoyment and comfort as you use the furniture you select.

As you approach these decisions, it may seem wise to select quality in favor of low cost options. Discounted retailers and big box stores provide an array of couches. These couches, however, often employ low cost construction methods and cheap materials, resulting in a lower quality end product that may or may not stand the test of time.

High quality couches, on the contrary, utilize strong materials for their frames, are typically constructed in the United States, provide high quality stuffing and/or springs, and employ tough home decor fabrics able to withstand years of use. We included a short video in this post, created by one of our preferred vendors, Taylor King Furniture, showing specifically the ways in which high quality upholstered furniture is hand crafted. So much time, energy, high quality materials, and an attention to detail is employed when making high quality upholstered furniture. When you make the decision to invest in high quality upholstery, ┬áit affords you the opportunity to create a customized piece of furniture — many couches are created to order, and the choices are varied in terms of :

1. Couch cushions. You will be able to make the decision as to a blended stuffing, down stuffing, or springdown stuffing.

2. Couch accent pillow. You will have several choices as to the fibers use and methods used to create your couch’s accent pillows. You can also add color coordinated trims to truly pull your room together!

3. Couch arms, backs, legs. You will be able to select the style of the couch’s arm, back and leg construction. Talk about a truly unique piece that suits both your style and body frame!

4. Fabric. Your couches will be created to your exact specifications in terms of fabric type and patten choice.

Your couch should fit into your lifestyle. It should be high quality, able to withstand years of use, and reflect your own frame and family’s needs. Contact us for more information regarding selecting customized couches.


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