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Sherwin-Williams recently published an article in their Stir magazine titled “The Secrets to Quality Paint”. As a leader in the industry, Sherwin-Williams carries some clout when they speak about quality. Let’s be honest, painting is an investment. It takes time, money and labor and, as always, we want to invest in quality products.

Obviously better ingredients lend itself to better performance as well as longevity and this article really broke down what goes into each can of SW paint. Paint is made up of four ingredients: pigment, binders, liquids, and additives. Good paint contains more prime pigments, offering better hide and color retention. Binders provide adhesion and helps to resist cracking, blistering and peeling. Binders affect everything from stain resistance to gloss and adhesion. Latex paints contain acrylic binders, while oil paints contain linseed oil, soya oil or alkyds. The liquid is the “carrier” to help get the paint from the can to the wall. Lower quality paint is going to be “watered down”. Additives are those extra ingredients that help with specific functions. With the right additives you can have better flow, leveling, dry time and extended storage. You can even help reduce odors already present in a room.

Whether you are painting a front door or a wall, when shopping for paint, you want to really take each ingredient into consideration and know that what you put on your wall is going to do its job and last! We love Sherwin-Williams colors and our painters love using it! When helping clients with a paint consult it is one of the main decks we use. Color is our passion! Give us a call if you need help choosing quality paint color in your home!

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