Many of the things I saw at the Fall Furniture Market at High Point, North Carolina, last month intrigued me. I loved getting to know our vendors better, connecting with other interior designers, and getting lots of ideas for the ways in which I can continue to pursue excellence in interior design. I am so excited, though, regarding one of the many trends I noticed — more and more furniture and home goods manufacturers are moving production to the United States.

Reasons for United States Production

There are many reasons for this shift in the location of production. Here are just a few:

  • Consumer demand. Many furniture manufacturers and companies have realized that consumers are searching for products made in the United States. People want to invest in American made goods, and they are continuing to put their money into goods made in the U.S.
  • Economic realities. It is becoming ever more beneficial economically to move production to the United States, particularly with increased shipping costs, along with increased labor costs in other countries.
  • Quality control. Many furniture manufacturing companies are taking a more proactive approach to quality control and craftsmanship. Moving production to the United States allows for increased oversight in this very important area. Additionally, many consumers seek out the highest quality products possible — many of these high quality pieces are made in the U.S.
  • Materials. Many consumers are seeking out environmentally friendly materials. These types of materials can be more easily controlled when production is done in the United States.

Do you seek out products that are made in the United States? If so, what are your reasons? As a Naples based interior design firm, it is our desire to support businesses with production based primarily in the United States. As we move through the interior design process, we encourage our clients to utilize furniture, goods, and fabrics that are made in America.

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