It’s no secret that the economy has impacted almost every industry throughout the United States. The current economic milieu has impacted the decisions Americans make regarding purchases, lifestyle choices, and savings rates. If the economy has impacted every area of our lives, how, then has it specifically impacted the area of interior design? In other words, what are some of the ways in which Americans have changed their perspective on what they put into their homes?

Changes in Interior Design

The economy has shifted people’s choices related to interior design. As we continue to help people pursue their unique visions and needs for their homes, to we find it interesting to notice these types of shifts.

  • A view towards investment. Those clients that we work with have shifted their perspective regarding interiors. They are searching to invest rather than pursue instant gratification. We have seen people take interior design more slowly in favor of investing in pieces rather than simply spending for the sake of finishing their home’s design quickly.
  • A shift towards high quality pieces. People are currently in favor of high quality pieces — they place a high value on quality rather than on quantity. If they are going to spend the money on home furnishings, they want to do it right.
  • A shift towards American made goods. With the shift in the economy, many are moving towards purchasing American made goods rather than goods manufactured elsewhere. This shift has encouraged many manufacturing companies to reconsider their production locations.
  • A shift towards minimalism. Rather than purchasing increased quantities and clutter for the home, many people are choosing to forego spending money and pursuing savings for larger purchases instead.

How has the economy changed the way you make decisions regarding your home’s interiors? Have you shifted the way you think about what you put in your home?

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