As you incorporate both your family’s needs and your own personality into your home’s interiors, seek to incorporate your individuality, your family’s interests, and your passions as well. As you place details and pieces into your family room, living room, bedrooms, and kitchen, select pieces that reflect your passions and values. Do you enjoy spending time outdoors together? Do you love Southwest Florida activities, such as fishing, spending time at the beach, and exploring the natural beauty of Naples? If these are a few of your passions, you will enjoy some of the natural products available for your home’s interiors.

Incorporating Nature

We have a few ideas for ways to incorporate nature-inspired products into your home.

1. Use nature in moderation. If you have a piece of art that features a Southwest Florida fish (such as a snook or redfish), place it within the context of a group of pieces of art. A group of pieces of artwork has the ability to feature a theme (Southwest Florida nature) without overwhelming visitors with large works of art.

2. Use nature in a functional way. Many nature-inspired products are made out of tree trunks, driftwood, or reclaimed branches. These lovely designs are intricate, natural, and authentic. Select pieces that you love — these types of pieces are well-made and often beautifully handcrafted.

3. View pieces of furniture and art inspired by nature as an investment. Many times, these reclaimed, found materials that are handcrafted into pieces of furniture are relatively expensive when compared with their more traditional manufactured counterparts. However, these nature inspired masterpieces are functional and artistic; they create a dramatic interior look and feel.

As you seek to create a functional and cohesive look within your home, incorporate your passions and interests as you select unique details. Selecting and installing nature-inspired pieces can be a great way to incorporate you passions and interests into your home environment.

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