As an interior designer, I typically come to your home to meet with you for an initial consultation. One of the many questions I ask clients when they invite me into their homes for the very first time is: “What about your home do you love?” In the same vein, I typically ask, “What pieces that are already here do you love and desire to keep?” The answers to these questions are very important. When I am able to find out what my clients love about their homes and what pieces within their homes they love, this information provides direction in terms of style preferences, overall vision, and insight into their desired outcome.

One of the many misconceptions regarding professional interior design services is the idea that when you hire a designer, you are committing to getting rid of all of your existing furniture and performing a complete overhaul. That is not necessarily true, and certainly depends upon the individual, couple, or family living within the home itself. Many times (more often than not, in fact), the most successful design concepts are built around the pieces that clients desire to keep. Here are just a few examples of an existing piece or element within the home that can provide a foundation for design:

1. Family heirlooms handed down. Maybe you have a chair from your grandmother’s living room or a set of dishes that belonged to your husband’s great grandmother. This can provide a helpful direction or color palette for a cohesive interior design plan.

2. Beloved pieces of furniture. An important piece of furniture, such as a desk or headboard, that you want to keep can give a room direction or stability.

3. Existing design elements. Your house may have a unique nook or cranny or some other stylistic element that you adore. Maybe you really enjoy being in some portion of your house and want that sensibility carried on through the remaining rooms. What a great foundation upon which to build!

As we meet with you and walk throughout the rooms of your house, many elements and pieces can be used to build a cohesive look and feel. We can’t wait to learn more about the things that you love!

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  • So true! Personal touches give character to a room that no amount of careful curating can ever match. The tiny trinket that the client saved from childhood can be all that’s needed to turn a design from calculated to authentic.

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