With the bright sunshine and hot temperatures of our climate here in Naples, Florida, a well-designed window treatment is essential not only for creating a beautiful living space, but for practical reasons as well.

Window Fashions - Practical and Beautiful

Privacy, energy efficiency, light control and UV protection for your furnishings are all important considerations for a properly designed window treatment. Of course it has to look great too!

The quality and amount of light can affect the entire feel and mood of a room, and bring out the colors of your furnishings.  At the same time, selecting the right window fashions will help you achieve exactly the degree of privacy you’re looking for, from any exposure, any time of day.

In Naples, especially in the summer, we need to use our window fashions to harness solar energy in a way that lets in the right amount of light, while keeping the heat under control.

One of my favorite recent developments in window fashions is part blind/part shade/part sheer drapery, providing the best qualities of all three. Two pieces of sheer fabric are used with fabric vanes that can be adjusted to provide the exact amount of filtered light and privacy desired. When pulled up, the entire shade is hidden by a color-coordinated headrail.  A variety of colors are available for both vanes and sheer fabrics, which are easily cleaned with soap and water.  The ultimate in beauty and practicality!



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