Best Interior Decorating Blogs
The Best Interior Decorating Blogs to Read and Follow

So, why should you follow an interior designer?

Well, there are many reasons for this; but mainly, it is because they are the people who can help make the dreams you want for your home a reality. Most people don’t consider interior designing to be that important, but that is not entirely true. Designers have an open-minded view of the space and give special attention to details, which is why an average person can’t see the importance of it.

Here are our top 8 interior designer blogs that you should follow.

1. Coco + Kelly: Interior trends, aspirational wish lists, and beautiful images that call out what’s working to make recreating the look a snap. Cassandra Lavalle’s glam-femme style extends to interior design, tabletops, travel, food, and more in her blog Coco + Kelley.

2. Emily A. Clark: Simple design ideas, affordable projects, and personal posts. This approachable decorating blog, run by probably the most stylish mom of five around, Emily A. Clark, is full of the type of inspiration that actually feels actionable. It makes sense: Clark started the blog when she was deep in the redesign process of her own family home.

3. Lark & Linen: Toronto-based interior designer Jacquelyn Clark’s blog, Lark & Linen, is like a comforting snuggle in ultra-cozy down bedding. Its aesthetic and tone is reliably soft, peaceful, and pretty.

4. Dwell: Dwell is a good website wherein you can see lots of interior design ideas made by them. At Dwell, they spend lots of effort with every photo they make, which is why we got them on this spot. If you are looking for inspirations, then this will be perfect for you.

5. Design*Sponge: Design*Sponge is a design blog run by Brooklyn-based writer, Grace Bonney. This is a very interesting blog and it is updated from 6 to 8 times per day. Also, it was declared a “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials” by The New York Times. If you love reading anything about designing, then this is perfect for you!

6. Apartment Therapy: This website has lots of interesting articles in it. Apartment Therapy has a goal of connecting people to the resources they need to improve their homes, while reducing their reliance on stuff. This is a must-see website if you want to improve your home.

7. Houzz: Houzz is a place to browse and save beautiful home photos, a place to find the right design and construction professionals, and a place to connect with others who have been there too. If you are looking for inspirations and ideas for your homes, this is a place worth looking.

8. High Fashion Home Blog: This is the place for idea sharing to make decorating your home a little easier. Whether you are the world’s greatest interior designer, aspiring decorator, or a hopeless amateur, this a meeting ground to share passion for the home.


Even if you don’t read every update to each blog, a concerted effort to stay current will put you in position to achieve interior design success as your remodeling projects grows.

Would you add any other trusted design blogs to this list? Which ones?

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