When you are getting ready to paint, it can be hard to know which type of paint to use. So here are the paint finishes and where each type of finish should be used.

High Gloss

This paint is the simplest to clean and most durable of all of the paint sheens. It’s ultra-shiny, light reflecting, and hard. This is the perfect choice for spots where sticky fingers are going to touch – trim, doors, and cabinets. But it will be too shiny for your interior walls. It also is going to show every roll and bump, so make sure that you are doing the proper prep work.

Applications: Doors, Window Trim and Kitchens.

Durability Level: High


This is good for the rooms where grease stains, drips and moisture challenge your walls. It’s also great for the trim that takes much abuse.

Application: Bathrooms, Chair Rails, and Kitchens

Durability Level: High


Satin offers a beautiful luster that is velvety. It’s simple to clean and that means it’s great for the areas that have a lot of traffic. The biggest flaw that it has will reveal flaws in application, such as brush or roller strokes. Later touch-ups are often tricky.

Applications: Foyers, Kids’ Bedrooms, Family Rooms and Hallways

Durability Level: High


In between satin and flat’s sheen level lies eggshell. It’s named this because it’s flat with not that much luster, similar to the egg of a chicken. It will cover the imperfections on the wall and it’s the perfect finish for the gathering spots which don’t get many scuffs or bumps.

Application: Living and Dining Rooms

Durability Level: Medium

Matte or Flat

These types of finishes are good for the walls where you want to hide something on your wall. It will soak up instead of reflect light. Of all the finishes, it contains the most amount of pigment and it’s going to give you the most amount of coverage. This will help you save money and time. But it’s also very hard to clean because the paint will come off with the dirt

Applications: Interior Rooms like adults’ bedrooms that aren’t going to be damaged by children.

Durability Level: Medium-Low

These are the finishes and where you should use them. This is going to help you save time and money and help your house look great!

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