Thinking about changing your home’s décor? Wondering what the hot colors are for this year? Below are the colors that people are showing this year when decorating their homes and the hot colors that are popular in 2018.


Turquoise is very hot this year. You can use it in one accent wall in your bedroom or you can make it the color for your whole room. Either way it will brighten up your space.

Sunshine inside

Another big color this year is goldenrod. This will make a cozy, cheerful statement. Rich, warm yellows feel all-natural and organic and pair well with blue and cream accents.

Sophisticated Blushes

If you’re someone who loves pinks, you’re going to love this next one. Dusty rose is in this year and helps to reimagine neutral styling in the home. It’s chic and gives your home a warm look and feel to it.

Rich Earthen Tones

Earth tones are back, and they are popular this year. pair them with faded green and red accents and you’ll have a room that is relaxing.

Purple Shades

There isn’t much that isn’t to love about purple. Purples can add depth and energy to your room. Whether you want to make your room all purple or you want to experiment with some home accessories before you commit, this gorgeous complex hue is one that you should watch.

Minimalist Pastels

Washed, soft pastels such as sandy pinks and mint greens can go a long way to reimagining simple contemporary design this year. Soft washed greens, sanctuary pinks and greens will work with one another to create a stylish harmony.

Power Color pink

Pink has officially lost the gendered connotations. There are so many feelings that this color evokes that everyone is able to relate to, like lust, joy and others, that it makes the ideal paint color for enhancing moods.

Serenity Through Blue

A lot of people are looking for ways that they can create sanctuaries from technology, where you’re able to unplug and relax. Blue is a great way that you can do that. Blue helps you feel serene and creates a feeling of harmony.

Vibrant Greens and Yellows

One of the things that is encouraged in 2018 is bright colors. Lime popsicle and vibrant yellow are going to brighten up your home and bring everyone joy. So bring out the bright colors and you will notice that you are feeling better each day.

If you are looking to change the way that your home’s décor looks, these are the colors that you want to choose from. They will help you keep up to date and there is something for everyone’s taste, so you can find the one that you will like.

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