Corporate Visitors to Decorating Den

April 30, 2013About Us

We were so pleased to welcome Jim and Carol Bugg, corporate owners of Decorating Den, to our Naples office earlier this month. Their visit commemorated our receipt of two Southwest Florida Decorating Den designations [Business Owner of the Year, Top Sales (Individual, Developing Franchise Owner)]. We would like to thank them for visiting us, and … Read More

Trendspotter: Textured Wallpapers

April 29, 2013About Us

Eclectic Wallpaper by Other Metro Next Craving the look and feel of a cabin in the woods, rustic nautical cottage, exposed brick facade, or vintage tin tiles? Without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to create this look using natural materials, this look can become a reality within your home! Maybe you enjoy changing up … Read More

What Do I Do Now?

April 18, 2013About Us

“What am I supposed to do?” is a question our clients ask of us a lot. You’ve had us over, and we have discussed your needs, stylistic preferences, and anticipated budget for any given project. We have provided you with a proposal, and we have worked together to create something that will fit within your … Read More

2012 Decorating Den Designations

April 11, 2013About Us

We are pleased to announce two designations Decorating Den has received for the 2012 year in the Southwest Florida region: 1. 2012 Business Owner of the Year 2.2012 Top Sales by an Individual (Developing Franchise Owners) These designations come as a result of our commitment and dedication to meeting the needs of our clients. Our … Read More