Trendspotter: Unique Chandeliers

February 28, 2013About Us, What's new in Home Fashion?

At Decorating Den, we seek to research the newest trends in interior design. As we explain these trends, where they come from, and the ways in which designers are incorporating this trend, we also desire to help you decide whether or not to employ these trends within your home’s interiors. Today, we bring you one … Read More

Incorporating Nature into Your Home

February 24, 2013About Us, What's new in Home Fashion?

As you incorporate both your family’s needs and your own personality into your home’s interiors, seek to incorporate your individuality, your family’s interests, and your passions as well. As you place details and pieces into your family room, living room, bedrooms, and kitchen, select pieces that reflect your passions and values. Do you enjoy spending … Read More

Some Helpful Tips for Pairing Prints

February 22, 2013About Us, Design Tips

When it comes to your home’s interiors, you most likely already have a lot going on — between couches, chairs, bedding, rugs, and the clutter inherent in daily family life, it may seem impossible to create a cohesive, styled, and lovely look. As you endeavor to pursue a unique design that reflects your family’s needs … Read More

Trendspotter: Monograms

February 14, 2013About Us, What's new in Home Fashion?

As we have mentioned many times over the course of the past few months, personalization in the world of interior design continues to trend upwards. Today, we plan to discuss another type of personalized design: Monograms. Monogramming and personalizing items continues to be a popular method of distinguishing our identities. Monogramming exists beyond traditional wedding … Read More

Window Treatments: Some Terminology

February 12, 2013About Us, Design Tips

Decoding the world of window treatments can be relatively complicated — with all of the choices available, it can be difficult to understand, much less decide upon the appropriate window treatments for the rooms in your home. Today, we would like to provide a quick primer on the importance of window treatments, as well as … Read More

Selecting Couches

February 7, 2013About Us, Design Tips

Creating a unique and functional environment within your home can be an overwhelming task. As we continue to partner with clients and support their goals and objects, one task that can be difficult is selecting the right upholstery pieces. Selecting the right couch also includes selecting the cushion filling and couch fabric as well. These … Read More

Outstanding Service for IDS

February 5, 2013About Us

At Decorating Den Interiors, high quality interior design is our passion, and serving our clients is our goal. As we seek to pursue this passion and goal, we also believe in the importance of continuing to educate ourselves on interior design trends, and networking with other interior design firms in the Southwest Florida area. We … Read More

Trendspotter: Pantone Color of the Year

February 2, 2013About Us, What's new in Home Fashion?

As many of you are already aware, the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year is Emerald! This lovely, deep color is already making its way into the interior design world. Emerald green represents energy and traditional elegance — it’s color reflects many of the colors we view everyday in the natural world. What a wonderful … Read More