Tips for Staging a New Year’s Eve Party

December 28, 2012Design Tips

It’s party time! After all, who doesn’t love a fabulous New Year’s Eve party? New Year’s Eve is less than a week away — are you planning to throw a party for your friends and family? Inviting lots of people into your home for a New Year’s Eve celebrating can be an overwhelming task. As … Read More

Merry Christmas from Decorating Den

December 26, 2012About Us

To all of our friends and family, Merry Christmas! We pray that this Christmas is filled with joy, peace, and love, and that your home is a truly a place of happiness and love. What are your plans for the day? They will likely include some mixture of the following: 1. Presents given out of … Read More

Peace Within Your Home

December 23, 2012Design Tips

There is no doubt about it — Christmas time and the holiday season is exceedingly busy. If you’re like most people, your days are packed to the brim. Holiday shopping, Christmas parties, school programs, preparing for upcoming travels,and many other commitments fill your time. Sleep is a luxury, and your house reflects a sense of … Read More

Trendspotting: Flat Weave Rugs

December 18, 2012About Us

What issues have you encountered as you have pursued high quality interior design within your home? Most people have trouble with any number of the following: 1. Finding high quality furniture that fits. 2. Creating a consistent look. 3. Locating specific products that complete a room. As you are probably already aware, selecting a rug … Read More

Decorating Den Gift Cards!

December 16, 2012About Us

Give the perfect gift this holiday season — the gift of a bright, lovely, well-designed home! Do you have someone on your list who has everything? Maybe there’s someone in your life who has been talking about finding the perfect rug, creating a dining room that works, redoing their window treatments, or complaining about the … Read More

Decorating Your Home for the Holidays!

December 14, 2012About Us

“There’s no place like home for the holidays!” We have all heard this opening line from the popular Christmas song. How is that line reflected in your home? As you run around town, busy as busy can be, what is it like to come home to your own house right now? Is your house ready … Read More

Trends in Color

December 10, 2012About Us

As a design firm located in the heart of Southwest Florida, we desire to remain current on trends that range the gambit in interior design. Our goal is to continue to cultivate an understanding of what’s “hot” in the world of design so that we can best help our clients navigate the world of interiors … Read More

Trends in Style

December 7, 2012About Us, What's new in Home Fashion?

As we seek to help our clients create the homes of their dreams, our own desire is to continue pursuing excellence in the world of design. Throughout the life of our interior design firm, we stay on top of trends, educate ourselves on vendor developments, and seek to put together plans that truly meet the … Read More

Trends in Fabric

December 4, 2012About Us

Our “Trends” series culminates with one of our favorite aspects of design: FABRIC! At Decorating Den, we love to mix prints and incorporate various fabrics in whatever we do. In creating a unified look and feel while mixing prints, it is important to envision the end goal, get creative, and search for inspiration — whether … Read More

Made in the USA

December 2, 2012About Us, What's new in Home Fashion?

Many of the things I saw at the Fall Furniture Market at High Point, North Carolina, last month intrigued me. I loved getting to know our vendors better, connecting with other interior designers, and getting lots of ideas for the ways in which I can continue to pursue excellence in interior design. I am so … Read More