Creating a Peaceful Bedroom Sanctuary

August 27, 2012About Us

Designing a lovely bedroom begins with a definition of what you value. What are just a few of the things you value in a bedroom? Most people would say that they want their bedroom to be a place of peace and relaxation — after all, the average person spends about a third of their life … Read More

Choosing an Interior Designer

August 13, 2012About Us

You know your house needs some fresh eyes to take a look — some new ideas, cohesive designs, and a unique perspective. Giving your home what it needs might mean choosing an interior designer. What are some of the things that an interior designer does? An interior designer provides comprehensive design advice for your home. … Read More

Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home

August 6, 2012About Us

As an interior designer in Naples, the number one design mistake I see others (and myself — to be totally honest) make is to let interior clutter take over in any given room. When clutter gets the opportunity to fester unchecked, it seems to multiply. Leaving one book on a table, or your keys on … Read More