Choosing Paint Colors: A Few Tips

July 27, 2012Design Tips

Take a minute, and think about your dream home. What emotions are connected with it? Peace, energy, excitement, relaxation maybe? As you are considering this aspect of your home, try writing down some thoughts about your dream home: By what do you want your home to be defined? How do you want others to react … Read More

Tips for Selecting High Quality Furniture

July 10, 2012Design Tips

What are some ways to select high quality furniture for your home? How can you be sure you are getting a good value for your investment? How can you know that your furniture will indeed stand the test of time — both in its style and its durability? Selecting high quality furniture for placement in … Read More

Lighting Up Your Life: A Few Tips

July 8, 2012Design Tips

As you consider your home, and the environment you would like to create for your family, it is easy to focus on larger items — things like couches, pieces of art, what is hanging on the walls, or larger furniture items. Often, we tend to neglect a most important finishing touch: the lighting of our … Read More