Looking for ways that you can make your home look more modern? The good news is that there are ways that you can do it without spending a lot of money. Below are 10 ways that you can give your home a more modern look easily.

1. Hang Some Contemporary Art

There is few things that can give your home a modern look and feel than modern art. It’s simple to hang up and you don’t have to worry about being able to easily swap it out. All you have to do is take down one piece and put up another.

2. Make Stacks of Books

When you think of books, they’re usually vertically arranged on shelves in a library or in your home. So when you stack them horizontally, you can easily give your room a more modern look. If you want a look that is very modern, create different book stacks with a few inches in between the stacks. If you want a look that is more transitional, try a blend of horizontally and vertically arranged books.

3. Use Bright Colors

A really simple way that you can freshen up your home is to bring in some bright colors. A bright canary yellow is going to feel very modern, whereas a mint green that is bright but soft can help with creating a look that is traditional and youthful. A color such as Klein blue is going to give any space an edge that’s modern and bold.

4. Clear Intentions

Whether you are choosing a chandelier that is made of acrylic, a bar cart made of glass or a coffee table made of Lucite, having transparency will lighten up upholstered furniture and dark woods’ heaviness that you often will see in homes with traditional décor. One of the good things about transparency is that you don’t have to worry about matching it since it will blend right in. Just adding one piece can make a big difference.

5. Go with the Solid Colors

Intricate and fussy patterns quickly can take on an older person’s vibe. Therefore, if you want to give your space a modern look and feel, choosing solid colors will be a good way that you can do this. Use mixed finishes and metals, shapely furniture and texture for adding interest and avoid patterns.

6. Go Global

Chinese, American and European furniture are very common when it comes to traditional homes, so try infusing with some décor from South America, Southeast Asia, Africa or other places. Antique urns or vintage tiles will make an easy way to give your space a global flair.

7. Layer Some Similar Elements

When you display a series of prints from a collection, this is a traditional way to decorate your home. But when you have a series of graphic prints that are identical, it’s really bold. Do you love a certain art movement or pattern that you’re in love with? Use them a lot in one area to have a modern look.

8. Create a Moment That’s Unexpected

It’s not unusual to see a mirror and console table at a staircase’s foot. But what if you put a couple of chairs? That’s something that people aren’t going to expect. Or you can place a bench that is low which displays leaning artwork as well as a single branch of greenery. This isn’t something that people are going to expect, either. Try some different surprising juxtapositions and unusual arrangements to see what you can do. You could even add glass door inserts to give your front door some pop.

9. Try a Layout That’s Unique

Putting something like a daybed in the center of a room is not something that you are going to expect to see, but it will work, and it’s also cozy. When you are looking for a layout for your furniture, listen to instinct and disregard it.

10. Play Some With Scale

An easy way that you can create statements is through playing with scale. This will help you make your home look more modern and it can be a lot of fun to try it.

Bonus Tip: Update Your Hardware

The hardware you choose can make or break the final appearance, so compare all your options. Just the same as the furniture, there are many selections to consider for your doors, windows and cabinets.

These are the 10 ways that you can give your home a modern look quickly and easily. Most of them aren’t very expensive and they can be done in no time at all. Do one or more of them and you’ll find that your home is looking more modern.

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